Praise for Vol. 2

Four contributing authors (Laird BarronCody GoodfellowJohn Palisano, and Jonathan Sharp) received Honorable Mentions in Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year Vol.8

This anthology solidly delivers an array of Lovecraft inspired tales. Most tales share a fresh perspective rising above Lovecraft fan fiction. The best of the bunch carve their own path through the mythos to great effect.  -  Jaffa Kintigh / Jaffalog

Whispers of the Abyss Volume 2 is successful at delivering Lovecraft-inspired stories on a short scale. The intended audience may be folks on the go, but a wider audience will definitely appreciate them. - Nicholas Diak / Fanbase Press


Praise for Vol.1

“The Well” by Tim Jeffreys, “Chasing Sunset” by A.C. Wise received honorable mentions in Best Horror of the Year Vol.7 by Ellen Datlow

an anthology that had many fine moments - Peter Tennant , Black Static #46

this is a solid anthology front to back… I would certainly recommend this anthology to anyone seeking to supplement their reading with an anthology of short bursts of horror. - Allen Griffin, Innsmouth Free Press

Whispers from the Abyss describes itself as “An anthology of H.P. Lovecraft  insired short fiction.” But the authors within its pages are no slavish Elvis tribute acts. Instead, they are his mutant bastard offspring, whose mission is to misbehave dreadfully and have a wonderful time doing so. These Children of the Night run amok, gleefully trashing the very idea of florid prose and pseudo-intellectual claptrap of which the Great Old One himself was sometimes guilty. Instead, they tear down the walls, splinter the timbers, rip out the wiring and delight in sending to the bottom of the ocean the HMS Lovecraft – and all who sail in her. -  Amazing Stories Magazine

a Lovecraftian anthology which likes to steer from the beaten path of the Lovecraftian Mythos… this anthology was a very fulfilling read through and through. – Konstantine, Albedo

Whispers From The Abyss is filled with enough creepy treats to keep you hiding under your covers for weeks. If you like H.P. Lovecraft, odd and impending doom-like horror and the smell of fish, this is the collection for you. – Max Pfeffer, Geeks of Doom

The disturbed clown working his television studio audience of children into a primal frenzy – and the horror that follows – are the most vivid and memorable from this accomplished collection -

A great, engrossing and varied anthology of Lovecraftian fiction… - Russ Thompson, HellNotes – Dark Discoveries Magazine

[The stories] just crawl in and sit in your mind, a hint of something, and that ethereal quality is what binds most of these pieces together. - Adventures in SciFi Publishing